2.1 Version of our Paramedic Squad Conversion Kit is NOW AVAILABLE with new and impro


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Unique detailing products for model builders

We specialize in offering unique, specialized products for model builders, especially those interested in building emergency vehicles


Skills Builder Line of Transkits & Models

Our Skills Builder line of kits are specifically designed to help you learn how to become an ace scratch builder and hone the model building skills you have, opening new model building horizons and possibilities!

Gamewell-style Display Case

Cool ways to display your works

We also offer a very creative line of custom built display cabinets designed to house your models or prized collectibles.

Featured Products

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Focused on Building your SKILLS

Our mission is to help you become a better model builder and develop the model building skills and techniques needed to superdetail and scratchbuild your own custom models.


Proven and Innovative Products

All the model building products we offer have been tested and used extensively on our own models and projects. We recommend them because we have had so much success with them.


Other Services

We used to offer other services such as contract builds, custom decals, custom photo-etch, and contracted resin casting projects. However, due to personal commitments and obligations we have had to cut back on this part of the business so we can concentrate on the most important part, which is helping YOU become a better model builder.

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